Cannabis Tourism

Are you an avid traveller? You might have heard lots of tourism initiatives where you get the best of your preferred niche. For example, an adventure tourism package in a particular locality helps you to cover all the adventure destinations in one go, so that you get the best out the package for a reasonable fee. Some other example of these tourism packages are nature, pilgrimage, skiing tours, and much more. There is a new entrant to this field that people who are looking for thrill in their lives should try out mandatorily – cannabis tourism. Though weed growth and consumption is not yet legalised in many parts of the world, many weed growers have been visiting these top marijuana destinations with great enthusiasm. Here are some of the activities that you can do on these trips.


This is considered as the hub of cannabis cultivation and consumption in the world. Many travel operators are offering cannabis tours in which you can travel in exotic vehicles, visit weed plantations all over the world, click pictures of them, observe their growth and have a lot of fun in this process. The objective of these tours is to show the fun side of cannabis that the world is not aware of. There are different ranges of tours that you can pick from based on your budget and time constraints. While half-day tours are available from around $100, you may need to shell out at least $500 for multi-day packages.

Activities involved

All the tour operators list out the details of the tour packages and the activities that they have planned for the marijuana enthusiast. You can choose the right kind of plan depending on what kind of stoner are you. Some of the most common activities that you get to enjoy are:

  • Touring of all the aromatic cannabis plantations
  • Understanding and getting up close with various types of concentrate strains
  • Knowing more about cannabis for medical relief
  • Private rides on luxury vehicles to the exotic plantation sites
  • Attractive discounts on Vaporizer rentals and store purchases
  • Dispensaries and glass galleries visit
  • Glass blowing sessions at massive hydropnic farms
  • Walking tours explaining the processes involved in growing, trimming, harvesting, drying and curing marijuana
  • Classes on cannabis recipes and decarboxylation

These are only some of the basic services that are provided by the tour operators. If you want your cannabis tours to give you the right experience, you should choose operators who are licensed and authorised in your locality. If you want to keep your visit and experience a secret affair, opt for private tours. Though they are costlier than group tours, you get the freedom to enjoy as per your time constraints and flexibility. These tours are the best places to understand more about cannabis and the basics of their growing process. You can get your doubts cleared from experts. You can carry this rich learning when you grow weed indoors or outdoors, to see a better yield than your previous attempt. If you want to get first-hand information about the processes involved in marijuana from the seed stage to the sales stage, these tours are the right places for you.