Healthiest Cities in America

There’s no denying that in America’s fast paced, always busy lifestyle it’s not always easy to have a healthy lifestyle. Some cities seem to make it a little easier though so if you’re looking to relocate or just wanting to take a vacation without worrying about losing your lifestyle check out this list of some of America’s healthiest cities.

Californian Cities

In a study done by Niche that set out to discover the healthiest cities in America they found that 15 of the 25 healthiest cities were in California with many of those being in Orange County and neighboring Los Angeles County. The study took into account level of activity as well as health factors like alcohol consumption and smoking. California certainly has no shortage of things to do and attractions so, for a health conscience person, California would be a great place to visit or live.

Boulder, Colorado

The same study done by Niche named this city as the healthiest in America according to the studies factors. Home to the Flatirons Mountains you can find plenty of active activities to do here including hiking and climbing. If the weather isn’t great or you just prefer to stay indoors you can visit The Pearl Mall nearby and do some power walking/shopping.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Forbes named this beautiful city the healthiest in America saying that the city boasts of clean air as well as banned smoking in most public places and a very low obesity rate. For things to do and area attractions you’ll want to visit one of the many museums, Target field, or take a stroll around town to see some beautiful architecture.

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