Top 15 Christmas Kitchen Design Ideas

Christmas always brings special attention to your kitchen. You will not only be cooking number of interesting meals during this season but in a way all celebrations begin from kitchen during the Christmas season because what is Christmas without good food besides interesting Christmas gifts? Here are top twenty Christmas kitchen design ideas that will help you make this space even more special during this season. When you are busy decorating your kitchen, remember not to overdo. The trick is to keep things simple and elegant at the same time.

  1. Move in a mini or bonsai Christmas tree into the kitchen and decorate it with mini treats. Decorate it with led lights or rice lights to make it look like the full size, real Christmas tree.
  2. Get as much red and green as possible into the kitchen. It could be the tea coasters, table place mats, even door mats can reflect this. Plenty of red in the kitchen space will automatically bring in that Christmas feel.
  3. Led light strips around the dining table would be fun. What stops you? Go full swing with these led lights and it will set in the holiday and the celebration mood in the air.
  4. Take advantage of the kitchen windows and add star lights and mini angel figurines.
  5. Choose tablecloths with large sized Christmas theme prints.
  6. Bring home some Christmas themed kitchenware. If you already have them then get them out. Find a special corner for them and serve special treats and add a few Christmas balls to add colour.
  7. Do you receive Christmas greeting cards then they could be tastefully hung on the kitchen cupboards down a red tape.
  8. Order some Christmas wreathes and display them in the kitchen. They could go on your refrigerator door or your cupboard doors.
  9. Use Christmas balls generously. For a change go for large sized Christmas balls and hang them from the ceiling. Bring in as much Christmas colours as possible.
  10. Come up with a specific kitchen design theme. For example, farmhouse theme or 1970s theme and so on. This will help you come up with quick decoration ideas when compared to leaving the decoration theme open ended.
  11. Put together a centrepiece with a large vase, Christmas themed coffee mugs and kitchenware.
  12. Lots of colourful scented candles and tea candles in ceramic tea candle holders will make the kitchen look heavenly. Remove the clutter around the candles so that they stand out from the rest of the things in the kitchen.
  13. How about some dry wood decorated with Christmas balls and rice lights? This could either decorate one of the corners or it could even be hung from the ceiling horizontally.
  14. If you are good at any handcraft work, this is the best time to come up with handcraft products like giant Christmas garland or other Christmas themed decorations to spice up your kitchen.
  15. Hang Christmas Santa Stocking in every door of the kitchen cupboard and fill them with treats in the ones that are easily accessible.