Trends For Long Hair

Long hair can sometimes be difficult to style, but there are a few designs that are a current trend and that look like they could be around in the near future. An elegant style that you can wear for special events, such as weddings, is glossy waves. They are delicate and work well with long hair. Pull part of the hair up on the sides for a draped appearance. If you’re looking for an easy long hairstyle, then braid the back and leave strands loose at the front so that they curve around the face. A half-up hairstyle is one that works well with long hair because your locks will flow past the shoulders. Make sure the front of the hair is smoothed back without loose pieces, blending the part you pull back with the rest of the hair by creating curls or waves.

Straight Designs
A benefit of long hair is that it’s usually easy to straighten. When you straighten your hair, you can drape it over the shoulders or let it rest as it falls, offering a natural appearance. Most of the time, long hair looks best if it’s parted in the center instead of parted on one side over another. If you try a side part, then try to curl the hair so that there is added volume. Straight strands often give a sporty look instead of one that’s elegant, which is something to consider if you plan on being active during the day.

Fun And Simple
Have fun with your long hair by making pigtails and braiding each side. Start at the top for a French braid that extends on each side of the head. A tousled French braid is another idea if you’re looking for an elegant hairstyle. Weave in a few pearls or other hair accessories for added color and texture. Pull the hair back and secure it at the base of the neck for a comfortable look instead of putting a ponytail on top of the head. This style can help prevent headaches that you might get if the hair is piled on top of the head or pulled into a tight ponytail. Waves are always a trend with long hair, and they appear to be at the top of the list over the next year. If you want to be an expert in hair design, a cosmetology school like Academy of Hair Design can help.